Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops left on city streets violate Spokane Municipal Code, Section 12.02.0737:  “Obstruction of Public Right of Way.” Basketball hoops are not allowed on City streets at any time. A complaint to the City may be filed anonymously, but the complainant must have a view of the obstruction. 

This is still the policy, but the City is exploring adjustments to it in the name of exercise promotion.

Political Yard Signs

Section 6.8 of the River Run By-laws prohibits the display of any type of sign in a homeowner’s yard (with the exception of for sale signs). However, Washington State RCW’s have overruled any governing document restriction with regard to political signs. Governing documents may include restrictions regarding the number and size of political signs and how long they are displayed. 

The Board agrees with Washington State Law. We also feel that this has not been an issue; it just needed some clarification to homeowners. 

We request that homeowners follow reasonable standards in placement, size and duration when displaying political signs. 

Animal Issues

SCRAPS handles animal complaints, pet lost and found, pet licensing, etc. This is their website. 

There is also a link to an online complaint form available on this site. SCRAPS telephone number is: 509-477-2532. 

The CC&Rs allow off-leash, well-behaved dogs under voice control on the River Run trails, but the sidewalks are still under City of Spokane jurisdiction (leashes required). Please keep assertive/ aggressive dogs on leash at all times. 

The CC&Rs specifically prohibit annoying or nuisance issues on anyone’s property. This includes excessive dog barking. Please be a conscientious dog owner/neighbor and be mindful of your dog’s barking. 

In addition, there is a CC&R limit of no more than two usual and ordinary household pets.

Street Lights

Our street lights are serviced by Avista. If you see one that is burnt out, please call 800-227- 9187 right away and provide the location of the light.


The River Run CC&Rs allow trailers, boats and RV’s street/driveway access for up to 48 hours. However, new rules just enacted by the City of Spokane allow only 24 hours. (The “intent” is loading and unloading.) Cars are now 72 hours. (Spokesman-Review, June 25.) More trailers/boats are around in the summer months. Please do not abuse this and be communicative with your neighbors. 

CC&R Summary

The Homeowner’s Association is managed by an elected, volunteer Board. 

Property owners are assessed annual dues set by the Board to pay for maintenance and other administrative expenses. 

There are specific guidelines that pertain to additional structures and maintenance of all properties in River Run. Any architectural questions/approval should be directed to the Architectural Control Committee. 

A home office is permitted, but no commercial business that brings customers to the property is allowed. 

Renting your home is not prohibited, but please make sure your tenants are aware of and follow all pertinent CC&R’s.

The full text of the summary and complete texts of all governing documents are available on the River Run website: Homeowners should be familiar and comply with all governing documents. 

Crime and Safety

We do not have a significant crime issue in River Run, but the most common issue is theft from cars left in a driveway or on the street. This would be less of a problem if the cars are locked and all items of value removed or kept out of sight. (Or, kept in your garage…) 

There is a website available to residents called Next Door. ( You can choose River Run to report or monitor any neighborhood activity. 

Fort George Wright Drive Construction

The HOA Board has received several inquiries about the status and plans for construction of undeveloped areas along Fort George Wright Drive above the upper trail. This property is not owned by the HOA, and the HOA will share additional information as it becomes publicly available. 

How to File a Complaint in the Neighborhood

First: Address the issue with your neighbor— in a neighborly way, of course! If you can’t negotiate a resolution, then: 

Second—Email all relevant information to Bob Bordonaro: facts, reference to specific CC&R violated, documentation of direct conversation with neighbor. 

Third—The Board will follow up and proceed in accordance with the Third Supplemental Declaration of the CC&R’s. 

Quiet Hours

In the summer months, we understand that builders and yard maintenance companies are busy and it can get hot later in the day. And, people are spending more time outside enjoying the lovely Spokane weather! Please curtail any noisy work until after 7 a.m. and wind down partying before 10 p.m.