Please Do Not Trespass On Private Unsold Lots

Any unsold lot in the development is private property.  We ask that residents of River Run and their guests to respect the property ownership of this property and not trespass, dispose of trash, or allow their children to play on these lots.

In particular, please stay off the large corner lot at Inland and River Run Boulevard and the topsoil stored there.  The topsoil is being stored there for future use in the subdivision.  Please instruct your children to stay off this dirt pile, and to play only in the designated green spaces located throughout River Run.

In addition, undeveloped lots are not to be used to dispose of refuse, trash, or for the placement or dumping of debris.

Please respect private ownership, respect the subdivision, and observe the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

RiverRun Budget Report

We have added a budget report for the years 2009 and 2010 and anticipated revenue and expenditures for 2011.  You may view the report using this link at our web site.  The report is fairly self explanatory, and details the costs associated with managing the homeowners association for RiverRun.  We are certainly receptive to your suggestions, feedback and recommendation on the priority and manner to allocate our revenue, and limit our expenses.  Your feedback is requested and welcome.

Snow Removal Plan Updated

The City of Spokane has revised its snow removal plan for this snow year.  Details of the snow removal plan, along with a map of residential snow plow routes, are available on the Streets Department website and were published in the Nov. 18 Inlander and Spokesman-Review Voice sections. In addition, this information has been sent out in the City’s November utility bills. Also, residents can see where snow plow trucks are and current plow status.

Under the plan, the City defines the snow season as Nov. 15 to March 15. During this time, the City may declare a snow emergency when weather conditions warrant. Because River Run is a hilly residential area, it is among the first to be plowed following arterial plowing and bus routes.  If you have questions, contact the City of Spokane Street Department at the provided links.

Reminder On HOA Dues

A reminder that HOA dues for the 2011 calendar year are due on January 15, 2011. The latest River Run Ramblings newsletter provided information on the operation of the HOA last year and plans for the next.  If you have any questions, please use contact M-T Management using our contact pages here or the address noted in the newsletter.  Thank you.

December 2010 Newsletter

RamblingsRiver Run Homeowners December 2010 Newsletter

We want to again remind all homeowners that M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. manages the River Run Homeowners Association and that yearly dues must be paid directly to them when billed to avoid late charges. To do their job properly, please provide M-T with current homeowner information. If you sell your home here, please promptly notify M-T of the date of the move and the identity of the new owner. The owner(s) of record are responsible for all HOA dues until M-T has been notified of a change. It is in your best interest to promptly provide this information. M-T’s address is on the dues statement included with this letter.

We have decided to not raise the yearly HOA dues, currently at $350.00 per year. For Wright LLC pays the $350.00 dues on all unsold lots. We will break even on our operating budget of about $60,000 this year, but have no money for a reserve fund. We had a shortfall of $6000 in 2009 and $9000 in 2008 that the Fort Wright LLC underwrote. The breakeven this year was accomplished with the additional mowing and watering costs incurred with the addition of the small part in the fall of 2009. We have worked to reduce the costs and have lowered them by $3000 by working with Augustine (Greenleaf) monitoring more closely our water needs and installing rain monitors. Even though we have lowered our costs somewhat, we are still not raising any money for a reserve fund and will have to re-evaluate the HOA fee again next year.

We replaced and added several street and park trees and again remind you that you are responsible to water, fertilize and care for the street trees in front of your home. We do have a master plan for planting specific trees on every street and have been making an effort to follow the plan. Winter is here, and again we want to remind people to PLEASE SHOVEL your sidewalks! People living near the mailboxes should make every effort to keep those areas clear for both the residents and the mailperson. The City of Spokane is responsible for clearing the streets. Please contact the City if you don’t see a plow.

We want to remind people of the CC&R’s and to please follow the rules set forth in them. We have had some people stretching the limits on motor homes, utility trailers, campers, boats, etc. parked on the streets and in driveways and there have been some sightings of unleashed dogs. Please refer to 6.2 (Vehicle and Equipment Restrictions) and 6.7 (Animals) for clarification of these items. Most have been very good at submitting plans to the Architectural committee for additional landscaping and fencing, thank you for your cooperation.

There are a few new homes under construction by Dave Largent and Ted Miller, three are customs and two are specs. We have opened up the south end of the development, done some clearing on the view lots and have some activity on those lots. We are trying to make the construction process as painless as possible to existing homeowners. The builders are working with the neighbors around them to minimize the construction chaos.

IMPORTANT: We are reconstructing our web site to make it timelier and enable us to deliver important information about River Run more quickly. The new address will be and it should be live in the next four weeks. For this to work effectively, we will need your e-mail address. Your address will not be used for any other purpose. Please send your e-mail address to pixelcraft02 at if you wish to know what is going on in River Run. If you don’t participate, don’t complain!

If you have any questions regarding this or any other problems please call either Jack Couch [370-5600] or Tim Murphy [922-1504, 1304 N. River Vista Street] and one of them will help you.

Happy Holidays and we wish you all a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

Fort Wright LLC
Mike, Dan and Tim Murphy

Welcome To River Run

Conveniently located approximately three miles west of downtown Spokane, River Run is a premier residential community.

Residents enjoy river views, a close proximity to downtown Spokane, convenient access north or south, and easy access to Spokane International Airport and Interstate I-90. Enjoy the many common areas, paved trail system and tree lined entrances.

River Run is located in the Hutton Elementary, Sacajawea Middle and Lewis & Clark High School districts.  Spokane Falls Community College is an easy walk. The development features quality builders for your home building experience.

Directions: From I-90:

Exit I-90 using the Maple Street exit when traveling east or west.  Then travel north on Maple Street, turn left on to Second Avenue and continue west to Sunset Blvd (go past the Rosauers store and and bear right — DO NOT take the underpass).  Right on Goverment Way at the stop light, and travel about one and a half miles, pass the cemetaries, and turn right into development (just prior to W. Fort George Wright Drive). This is part of the Bloomsday route.

Nearby landmarks:  Spokane Falls Community College and Life Center Church.



We ask that all residents of the development submit their e mail addresses to the address included in each of the River Run Ramblings newsletters or use the registration information located on this page.   Suggestions, additional River Run information, and feedback is welcome from all residents in River Run.