River Run Ramblings 12-2012 Newsletter

RamblingsHello and Happy Holidays River Run Homeowners,

Again we want to remind you all that M-T Management manages the River Run Homeowners Association and that yearly dues must be paid to them directly and timely to avoid late charges.  To do their job properly, they need your current homeowner information.  If you sell your home, please promptly advise them of the date of sale and identify the new owners.  The homeowner Continue reading “River Run Ramblings 12-2012 Newsletter”

Snow – Sidewalks – Neighbors – Fire Hydrants & Mailboxes


Despite rumors to the contrary, Winter 2012-2013 is about to descend in Spokane and River Run with snowfall accumulations throughout the week preceding Christmas.  Please remove all basketball standards from the streets, shovel your sidewalks, and help your neighbors who need assistance.   Also, please pitch in to clear the areas adjacent to the post office boxes, and fire hydrants.

Details of the snow removal plan, along with a map of residential snow plow routes, are available on the Streets Department website.  Residents can learn where snow plow trucks are and current plow status.

Under the plan, the City defines the snow season as Nov. 15 to March 15. During this time, the City may declare a snow emergency when weather conditions warrant.  Because River Run is a hilly residential area, it is among the first to be plowed following arterial plowing and bus routes.  If you have questions, contact the City of Spokane Street Department at the provided links.

December 2012 River Run Ramblings Coming Soon

newsletterJust a quick reminder and head’s up.  The 2012-2013 edition of River Run Ramblings should be in your mailbox in the next couple of days.  Along with an update on the status of development in River Run, information about the payment of annual HOA fees to M-T Management, the company that manages the River Run Homeowners Association, will be included.  The newsletter will be republished in full in a future post here at the web site.

If you have not registered on this site, please do so as it makes it easier to get information to and make residents aware of what is occurring in the development.  Register by sending your e-mail address to pixelcraft02@comcast.net or use the contact form at our web site.  Please be assured that your e mail addresses are not shared nor made available for any other purpose than to provide information about River Run Spokane.

Can Anyone Identify The Source of The Drum/Bass Sounds?

There have been a number of reports from residents who periodically hear a deep repeating bass sound in River Run.  Sometimes it occurs early in the evening, or during the morning hours.  The reports are that it sounds like a drum beating, but louder and deeper. If anyone knows the source of the sounds, drop us a message at the contact page at the web site.

[UPDATED].  Several River Run residents have reported that the noise is actually drum sounds originating from the Life Center Foursquare Church. It appears that the church band conducts evening and before service Sunday practices, and the bass sounds produced by those practices carries throughout much of River Run during these practices.

Fall Festival of Homes 2012 Information

River Run has been selected to be a host site for the Spokane Home Builders Association Home Show. Both Ted Miller and Dave Largent will have a home each in the show. Ted will showcase a home at 1108 N. River Ridge Blvd. listed at $650,000 and Dave’s home can be toured at 1110 N. Inland.  It is listed at $429,900.  Both homes sold during construction, although each can be toured during the show.  The Home Show runs for two weekends: September 28 – 30 and October 5 – 7.  Show hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Jim Powers, of Century 21, will be host at both homes.  You are invited to come by and tour both homes anytime during the show. There is no cost to view the homes and you can enter to win some great prize packages from Fred’s Appliance and California Closets that are to given away at the end of the show.  We do expect that there will be additional traffic in the area during the shows.

Please Drive/Bike 25 mph within River Run

With Summer now here, more families, including young children, are outside their homes, and using the sidewalks and streets of River Run. We ask all those who use the River Run streets to strictly observe the posted 25 miles per hour speed limit. We have received several reports of drivers driving too fast on the main streets, such as River Run Blvd., and also on River Vista Street.  Bicyclists are also asked to slow their speeds when moving down hill through the subdivision.  Thank you for observing the speed limits.

Vehicle and Equipment Restrictions Limited to 48 Hours

There have been a number of reports of residents parking campers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, and trucks other than a standard size pickup truck, boats, or similar equipment on River Run streets and driveways. The CCRs prohibit this in section 6.2:

Vehicle and Equipment Restrictions. No trailer, camper, mobile home, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle, bus, truck (other than standard size pickup truck), inoperable automobile, boat, or similar equipment, and no vehicle, which is in an extreme state of disrepair, shall be permitted outside of a garage. Provided, however, vehicles and equipment may be moved onto driveways or streets on a transitory and temporary basis (48 hours maximum) for purposes of loading and unloading of passengers or personal property.

Please respect the subdivision and your neighbors by observing this restriction.

2011/2012 Budget Report Released

It’s a new year and the latest budget report for 2012 has been released.  It includes previous year information and anticipated revenue and expenditures for 2012.  You may view the report using this link at this web site, or download a pdf document here.

The report is fairly self explanatory, and details the costs associated with managing the homeowners association for River Run.  We are certainly receptive to your suggestions, feedback and recommendations on the priority and manner to allocate our revenue, and limit our expenses.  Your feedback is requested and welcome.