Contact List

If you would like more information or to sign up to receive emails regarding important information in the River Run development, send us an email: pixelcraft02 at Please encourage your neighbors to do so as well as this will provide timely and important information about River Run. Your email address will NOT be used for ANY other purpose whatsoever.

The Board and Officer positions are listed below.  They may be contacted at the noted telephone numbers:

• President, Carl Sohn, cell: 509-944-1423 carl.sohn (at)
• Vice President, Bob Bordonaro, cell: 509-869-1658 – bobb (at)
• Treasurer, Taryn Hutchins, cell: 509-951-9522 – tarynhutchins (at)
• Secretary,  Kay Comstock-Farrell, phone: 509-750-1153 – ketc7 (at)
• At large, Hugh Imhof, cell: 509-280-1544 hugh.imhof (at)
• At large, Dan Arch, cell: 509-869-6687, d_arch (at)