Architectural Committee

The CC&R Compliance and Architectural Committee consists of Dan Arch, Stephanie Klein, Kaye Dingfield and Hugh Imhof. The Board voted to expand the committee to five members and Tim Murphy will stay on in an advisory position. All architectural and CC&R questions/requests should be directed to Dan Arch.

Any outside construction (patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, etc.) must have plans submitted and approved before construction begins.

We have seen several homes being repainted and the Architectural Committee requests that any house or trim colors differing from the originals be approved beforehand as outlined in the CC&R’s. (Earth tones, only.)

Non-architectural and general questions/problems should be directed to Bob Bordonaro. If necessary, Bob will enlist current Board members to handle these situations. Other Board members who receive inquiries will forward them to Bob with the goal of informing you how the request is being dealt with. We will do our best to address each issue in a timely manner, but there may be times that we cannot address a question until the next Board meeting.


Greenleaf has always provided River Run Residents with a 5% discount on mowing, irrigation and lawn application services. Their contact number is: 509-536-2885.

Due to the fact that Avista has an easement between the trail and the residents on Sandbrook, any planting off property must be approved in advance and current/prospective homeowners bear all maintenance and removal responsibilities.

General maintenance of street trees is the homeowner’s responsibility, but we are in the process of approving a bid from Greenleaf to prune, straighten or replace some street trees.

Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops left on city streets and right of ways violate Spokane Municipal  Section 12.02.0737, “Obstruction of Public Right of Way.” Basketball hoops are not allowed on City streets at any time. A complaint to the City may be filed anonymously, but the complainant must have a view of the obstruction.

This is still the policy, but the City is exploring adjustments to it in the name of exercise promotion.

Political Yard Signs

Section 6.8 of the River Run By-laws prohibits the display of any type of sign in a homeowner’s yard (with the exception of for sale signs). However, the Washington State Revised Code of Washington (RCW) take precedent over any governing document restriction with regards to political signs. Governing documents may include restrictions regarding the number and size of political signs and how long they are displayed.

All residents should follow Washington state law. We have not seen an issue regarding political signs; it just needed some clarification to homeowners.

We request that homeowners follow reasonable standards in placement, size and duration when displaying political signs.

Animal/Pet Issues

SCRAPS  handles animal complaints, pet lost and found, pet licensing, etc. There is also a link to an online complaint form available on this site.  SCRAPS’ telephone number is: 509-477-2532.

The CC&Rs allow off-leash, well-behaved dogs under voice control on the River Run trails, but the sidewalks are still under City of Spokane jurisdiction (leashes required).

Please keep assertive/aggressive dogs on leash at all times.

The CC&R’s specifically prohibit annoying or nuisance issues on anyone’s property. This includes excessive dog barking. Please be a conscientious dog owner/neighbor and be mindful of your dog’s barking. REMEMBER THAT YOUR DOGS WILL BARK EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT HOME ! !

In addition, there is a CC&R limit of no more than two usual and ordinary household pets.


The River Run CC&R’s allow trailers and RV’s street/driveway access for up to 48 hours.

There are more trailers around in the summer months. Please do not abuse this and be communicative with your neighbors.

Crime and Safety

We do not have a significant crime issue in River Run, but the most common issue is theft from cars left in a driveway or on the street. This would be less of a problem if the cars are locked and all items of value removed or kept out of sight. (Or, kept in your garage…)

There is a website available to residents called Nextdoor. ( You can choose River Run to report or monitor any neighborhood activity.

Newly Elected Board Members for HOA

The newly constituted Board and Officer positions are listed below:

  • President, Carl Sohn, cell: 509-944-1423 carlsohn (at)
  • Vice President, Bob Bordonaro, cell: 509-869-1658
  • Treasurer, Taryn Hutchins, cell: 951-9522
  • Secretary, Kay Comstock-Farrell, cell: 509-750-1153
  • At large, Hugh Imhof, cell: 509-280-1544 hugh.imhof (at)

The CC&R Compliance and Architectural Committee consists of Dan Arch, Ed Murphy, and Stephanie Klein.   Tim Murphy remains on the Architectural Committee in an advisory position.

Winter Is Here!!!

The City of Spokane specifies snow removal requirements at its website:

Citizens and businesses must keep their sidewalks shoveled. The City is asking citizens to clear a 36-inch path to allow pedestrians to travel effectively, with a goal of completion by 9 a.m. after a snowfall. Citizens also are asked to clear a pedestrian path even if no sidewalk exists. It’s about being a good neighbor. By City ordinance, adjacent property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks clear and safe, and liability issues rest with the adjacent property owner, not the City. Seniors or disabled individuals who can’t maintain their own sidewalks can call 3-1-1 to get information on volunteer services.

New city plows will try to eliminate driveway berms, and here’s a tip—shovel to the right of your driveway when you’re looking at the street. That prevents plows from pushing snow you shoveled back into the driveway.

And, please, any snow blowing should not be aimed in the street! Cars parked on the street must be moved based on plow scheduling.


CC&R Summary

Our new Board member, Hugh Imhof, has compiled a short summary of several important CC&R’s. Here is a snippet:

  • The Homeowner’s Association is managed by an elected, volunteer Board.
  • Property owners are assessed annual dues that are set by the Board to pay for maintenance and other administrative expenses.
  • There are specific guidelines that pertain to additional structures and maintenance of all properties in River Run. Any architectural questions/approval should be directed to the Architectural Control Committee.
  • A home office is permitted, but no commercial business that brings customers to the property is allowed.
  • Renting your home is not prohibited, but please make sure your tenants are aware of and follow all pertinent CC&R’s.