Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops left on city streets and right of ways violate Spokane Municipal  Section 12.02.0737, “Obstruction of Public Right of Way.” Basketball hoops are not allowed on City streets at any time. A complaint to the City may be filed anonymously, but the complainant must have a view of the obstruction.

This is still the policy, but the City is exploring adjustments to it in the name of exercise promotion.

Animal/Pet Issues

SCRAPS  handles animal complaints, pet lost and found, pet licensing, etc. There is also a link to an online complaint form available on this site.  SCRAPS’ telephone number is: 509-477-2532.

The CC&Rs allow off-leash, well-behaved dogs under voice control on the River Run trails, but the sidewalks are still under City of Spokane jurisdiction (leashes required).

Please keep assertive/aggressive dogs on leash at all times.

The CC&R’s specifically prohibit annoying or nuisance issues on anyone’s property. This includes excessive dog barking. Please be a conscientious dog owner/neighbor and be mindful of your dog’s barking. REMEMBER THAT YOUR DOGS WILL BARK EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT HOME ! !

In addition, there is a CC&R limit of no more than two usual and ordinary household pets.


The River Run CC&R’s allow trailers and RV’s street/driveway access for up to 48 hours.

There are more trailers around in the summer months. Please do not abuse this and be communicative with your neighbors.

Winter Is Here!!!

The City of Spokane specifies snow removal requirements at its website:

Citizens and businesses must keep their sidewalks shoveled. The City is asking citizens to clear a 36-inch path to allow pedestrians to travel effectively, with a goal of completion by 9 a.m. after a snowfall. Citizens also are asked to clear a pedestrian path even if no sidewalk exists. It’s about being a good neighbor. By City ordinance, adjacent property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks clear and safe, and liability issues rest with the adjacent property owner, not the City. Seniors or disabled individuals who can’t maintain their own sidewalks can call 3-1-1 to get information on volunteer services.

New city plows will try to eliminate driveway berms, and here’s a tip—shovel to the right of your driveway when you’re looking at the street. That prevents plows from pushing snow you shoveled back into the driveway.

And, please, any snow blowing should not be aimed in the street! Cars parked on the street must be moved based on plow scheduling.


Paving Project Alert – Sunset Boulevard from Royal Street to Lindeke Street

Commencing July 23, 2018, the City of Spokane will repave Sunset Boulevard between the intersections of Royal St. and Lindeke Street.  South Lindeke is essentially the extension of Government Way as it intersects with Sunset Highway.  The construction will go up Sunset Hill past the turnoff to Indian Canyon G.C. The $2,500,000.00 renovation will reduce the street from four vehicle lanes to three lanes and one bicycle strip.  The road will remain open during construction.  More information on the project  is available at the City’s web page.

T.J. Meenach Drive Northbound Reopens

T.J. Meenach Drive between the bridge and Northwest Boulevard reopened today following nearly two months of construction to accommodate pipe connections needed for a 1.4 million-gallon tank to manage overflows from combined stormwater and wastewater sewers that’s being built to the east of TJ Meenach Drive below Northwest Boulevard.

The work is part of the City’s Cleaner River Faster initiative. The City is investing more than $300 million in projects to improve water quality in the Spokane River. The Cleaner River Faster initiative also encourages the City to include above-ground benefits when completing underground infrastructure work. In this case, that emphasis will result in the new pedestrian trail and overlooks.


T.J. Meenach Drive Closure – July 24th to September 11th

T.J. Meenach Drive North of the Bridge will close to traffic from July 24th through September 11th. This will cause a detour in both directions.  The closure is necessary to enable the City of Spokane to finish work on a 1.4 million-gallon concrete, underground storage tank east of T.J. Meenach Drive as it intersects Northwest Boulevard. The completed project will provide new stormwater ponds, landscaping, and paved pedestrian pathways in this area.

The city has indicated that project will be completed by September 11, 2017. Traffic will be detoured onto Pettet Drive to Maxwell and eventually to the Maple/Ash Corridor.

Bloomsday Runners Top 45,000 in Run Through River Run

Early reports indicate that over 45,000 runners completed the 2017 Bloomsday Road Race.  Of course the race route passes River Run on two sides, and residents have some of the best seats in the house to cheer on the participants from the elite runners down to the walkers.


Bloomsday 2017 Closures for River Run

All new and existing residents of River Run are reminded that access to this area will be restricted commencing at approximately 7:30 am on Sunday, May 7, 2017 due to the Bloomsday running event.  Access generally reopens at approximately 1:00 p.m.  It depends on whether all the runners have passed this area and clean up is complete.  Signs announcing street closures are already posted by City of Spokane crews at the entrances of River Run.  Streets near the start (downtown Spokane) and finish (Monroe Street Bridge) are closed beginning at 5:00 a.m., and reopen about 2:00 p.m. Other streets on the Bloomsday course begin closing at 7:30 a.m. and reopen after the final walkers pass. This will be as early as 11:00 a.m. for Riverside west of Monroe, and as late as 2:00 p.m. for Broadway west of Monroe.

Please remember, you are either in or out of the subdivision on Sunday starting approximately at 7:30 a.m in the morning.

For more information, contact the Bloomsday officials or the City of Spokane.