This is how the City of Spokane will respond to snow and what it expects of residents

The City of Spokane’s official snow season has begun and with it comes a plan for how to deal with the winter months.

The city has 105 employees on its snowplow teams. Many of them have gone through several years of training to learn how to work all the equipment.

“Our teams have been tuning up equipment, ordering up supplies or deicer and sand and practicing right here behind us on the snowplow obstacle course,” said Spokane Mayor David Condon last month.

The city outlined key components of the plan, which includes obligations that the city will uphold and what is expected of residents


The city promises that when it snows, even if it is only one or two inches, that crews will plow all streets, including residential. Crews will complete the plow work primarily during regular day shifts on Monday through Friday to hold down costs.

Utility crews will also help the Street Department with efforts sooner and more equipment will be available on a regular basis for plowing.

During a larger snowfall of four inches or more, the city will “up” the effort and bring in more crews and equipment. Those crews will be on the street around the clock until plowing is finished, with a goal of completing the work in three days.

Crew members will work 12-hour shifts during large snow events.

Driveway Berms and Sidewalks

City spokesperson Marlene Feist says the Street Department has outfitted 16 pieces of equipment with gates that allow plow drivers to avoid placing snow across driveways or alley access points.

The gates are aimed at reducing driveway berms in residential areas, but Feist said they are still a possibility, especially on frequently plowed arterials.

Crews will also plow away from the curb to help keep snow away from driveways and sidewalks, and snow may also be pushed into the center median in some cases, Feist said.

Property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. The city asks that they clear a 36-inch path to allow school children, people with disabilities, bus riders and other pedestrians to move safely in the community. The goal is to complete this work by 9 a.m. after a snowfall.

Those who cannot clear their snow, such as seniors or those with disabilities, can call 311 to connect with volunteer services that could help.


The city also has certain expectations of residents when it snows, particularly when it comes to parking.

Residents are asked to park on the odd side of the street in residential areas until March 15 in order to make it easier for plow drivers to do their work.

On-street parking downtown will be prohibited between midnight and 6 a.m. on snowy days so parking bays can be plowed. Vehicles parked during prohibited times are subject to towing.

Signs indicate the rule, which encompasses the boundaries of Maple to Division Streets and I-90 to the Spokane River. Parking options for snow days are available under the freeway and in off-street surface parking lots.

Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers must be moved off the street to winter storage locations or be subject to towing, Feist added.

Another important winter driving note: when driving near plows, pass on the left. The driver might not see you if you’re driving on the plow’s right.

Welcome To River Run

Conveniently located approximately three miles west of downtown Spokane, River Run is a premier residential community.

Residents enjoy river views, a close proximity to downtown Spokane, convenient access north or south, and easy access to Spokane International Airport and Interstate I-90. Enjoy the many common areas, paved trail system and tree lined entrances.

River Run is located in the Hutton Elementary, Sacajawea Middle and Lewis & Clark High School districts.  Spokane Falls Community College is an easy walk. The development features quality builders for your home building experience.

Directions: From I-90:

Exit I-90 using the Maple Street exit when traveling east or west.  Then travel north on Maple Street, turn left on to Second Avenue and continue west to Sunset Blvd (go past the Rosauers store and and bear right — DO NOT take the underpass).  Right on Goverment Way at the stop light, and travel about one and a half miles, pass the cemetaries, and turn right into development (just prior to W. Fort George Wright Drive). This is part of the Bloomsday route.

Nearby landmarks:  Spokane Falls Community College and Life Center Church.



We ask that all residents of the development submit their e mail addresses to the address included in each of the River Run Ramblings newsletters or use the registration information located on this page.   Suggestions, additional River Run information, and feedback is welcome from all residents in River Run.

HOA Board Changes

Our Annual Homeowner’s meeting on September 10 failed to achieve a quorum. In accordance with our Bylaws, we called another meeting within the specified time guidelines. This meeting was held in the park. The votes were cast and tallied, and we have two new Board members to replace Bob Bordonaro and Dan Arch. We all appreciate their years of service! Dale Colen and Lance Abernathy were elected for three-year terms. We welcome them to the Board! Here is your updated Board information:

Architectural Committee

The CC&R Compliance and Architectural Committee consists of Dan Arch, Lance Abernathy and Tim Murphy. The Board voted to expand the committee to five members, so we need volunteers willing to serve on this Committee. These positions are non-elected and there is no set length that you must serve.

All architectural and CC&R questions/ requests should be directed to Tim Murphy.

Any outside construction (patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, etc.) must have plans submitted and approved by the Architectural Committee before construction begins.

We have seen several homes being repainted and the Architectural Committee requests that any house or trim colors differing from the original color be approved beforehand, as outlined in the CC&R’s. (Earth tones, only.)

Reminder: Park Usage

We have done some checking regarding HOA liability regarding organized sports activities in our parks. All organized activities must be approved in advance to satisfy our insurance requirements. Please contact Dale Colen and allow plenty of time prior to the first event.


 Greenleaf has always provided River Run Residents with a 5% discount on mowing, irrigation and lawn application services. Their contact number is: 509-536-2885.

Due to the fact that Avista has an easement between the upper trail and the residents on Sandbrook, any planting off property must be approved in advance and current/prospective homeowners bear all maintenance and removal responsibilities.

General maintenance of street trees is the homeowner’s responsibility, but we are in the process of approving a bid from Greenleaf to prune, straighten or replace some street trees.

Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops left on city streets are a violation of Spokane Municipal Code, Section 12.02.0737, “Obstruction of Public Right of Way.” Basketball hoops are not allowed on City streets at any time. A complaint to the City may be filed anonymously, but the complainant must have a view of the obstruction.

This is still the policy, but the City is exploring adjustments to it in the name of exercise promotion…

Political Yard Signs

Section 6.8 of the River Run By-laws prohibits the display of any type of sign in a homeowner’s yard (with the exception of for sale signs). However, Washington State RCW 64.38.034 has overruled any governing document restriction with regards to political signs. Governing documents may include restrictions regarding the number and size of political signs and how long they are displayed.

The Board agrees with Washington State Law. We also feel that this has not been an issue; it just needs some clarification to homeowners:

We request that homeowners follow reasonable standards in placement, size, quantity and duration when displaying political signs. The accepted practice is to display signs no more than 30 days prior to an election and taking them down promptly after election day.

Animal Issues

SCRAPS handles animal complaints, pet lost and found, pet licensing, etc. This is their website.

There is also a link to an online complaint form available on this site. SCRAPS telephone number is: 509-477-2532.

The CC&Rs allow off-leash, well-behaved dogs under voice control on the River Run trails, but the sidewalks are still under City of Spokane jurisdiction (leashes required). Please keep assertive/ aggressive dogs on leash at all times.

The CC&Rs specifically prohibit annoying or nuisance issues on anyone’s property. This includes excessive dog barking. Please be a conscientious dog owner/neighbor and be mindful of your dog’s barking.

In addition, there is a CC&R limit of no more than two usual and ordinary household pets.

Doggy Pots—We have contracted that the dog waste containers be emptied more frequently this winter.

Street Lights

Our street lights are serviced by Avista. If you see one that is burnt out, please call 800-227-9187 right away and provide the location of the light.


The River Run CC&R’s allow trailers, boats and RVs in the street or in your driveway for up to 48 hours. However, new rules just enacted by the City of Spokane allow only 24 hours. (The “intent” is loading and unloading.) Cars are now 72 hours. (Spokesman-Review, June 25, 2019.)

More trailers/boats are around in the summer months.  Please do not abuse this and be communicative with your neighbors.