Welcome To River Run

Conveniently located approximately three miles west of downtown Spokane, River Run is a premier residential community.

Residents enjoy river views, a close proximity to downtown Spokane, convenient access north or south, and easy access to Spokane International Airport and Interstate I-90. Enjoy the many common areas, paved trail system and tree lined entrances.

River Run is located in the Hutton Elementary, Sacajawea Middle and Lewis & Clark High School districts.  Spokane Falls Community College is an easy walk. The development features quality builders for your home building experience.

Directions: From I-90:

Exit I-90 using the Maple Street exit when traveling east or west.  Then travel north on Maple Street, turn left on to Second Avenue and continue west to Sunset Blvd (go past the Rosauers store and and bear right — DO NOT take the underpass).  Right on Goverment Way at the stop light, and travel about one and a half miles, pass the cemetaries, and turn right into development (just prior to W. Fort George Wright Drive). This is part of the Bloomsday route.

Nearby landmarks:  Spokane Falls Community College and Life Center Church.



We ask that all residents of the development submit their e mail addresses to the address included in each of the River Run Ramblings newsletters or use the registration information located on this page.   Suggestions, additional River Run information, and feedback is welcome from all residents in River Run.

CAPITAL PROJECTS NOTIFICATION:   (UPDATE!!) Traffic Lights Ft. George Wright Drive

After further review of the previous plan, due to safety concerns, the scheduled installation of the STA installed traffic light poles at the intersection of Elliott and W. Fort George Wright Drives has been modified.  The revised schedule dates have changed and access from South Elliott onto W. Fort George Wright Drive will restricted from November 13th through November 16th.

Background:  The new scheduled traffic pole installation dates minimizes the amount of days to complete the project from 8 to 4 days.  This effort requires a complete shutdown to SFCC access of the South end of Elliott accessing W. Fort George Wright Drive.

WHAT:                  Installation of light poles to complete current SFCC STA Project (access restriction of South Elliot on to W. Fort George Wright Drive)

WHEN:                  Starting  November 13th and ending November 16th.

WHERE:                Intersection of Elliott and W. Fort George Wright Drives

WHY:                     To move toward completion of current SFCC STA Project and provide safe access from SFCC to W. Fort George Wright Drive.

Stoplights Slated for Installation Nov. 12th on Ft. Wright Drive


The STA construction team plans to move forward with installation of the traffic light poles at the Intersection of Elliott and W. Fort George Wright Drives starting 12 November.  The flagger directed traffic control will be in place for up to 8 days during the installation with one entry lane and one exit lane open at all times.

WHAT:                  Installation of traffic light poles to complete SFCC/STA Project

WHEN:                  Starting 12 November to 21 November (approximate)

WHERE:                Intersection of Elliott and W. Fort George Wright Drives

WHY:                     To move toward completion of current SFCC STA Project and provide safe access from SFCC to W. Fort George Wright Drive.

Followup River Run HOA Meeting Slated for October 9, 2019

River Run Home Owners Association Announcement

September 27, 2019

Please join us for a follow-up meeting to the 2019 Home Owners Association Annual Meeting.

Home Owners Association Meeting

      • Date: October 9, 2019
      • Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
      • Location: The ‘Big Park’ (across from 1302 N. Inland Ct.) We tried to book a meeting room at Life Center, but none was available during the stipulated timeframe.


  1.  Increase HOA Board Seats from 6 to 7
  2. Elect HOA Board Members for open seats.  Brief statements from candidates Lance Abernathy, Dale Cohen, and Kathy Lang is provided at the end of this post.

Background Information

We held our annual meeting on September 10. One of the main objectives was to elect two Board members to replace the two Members that are cycling off. Unfortunately, we were two “households” short of a “quorum.” As stated in our bylaws (Article 2.3), a quorum is 20% of Class A members or proxies (42 households). The meeting was adjourned without holding a vote and another must be held within 10-30 days. Any members who attend this second meeting shall constitute a quorum.

This second meeting is set for October 9, with the express purpose of meeting the stated requirements above.

At the meeting, each candidate will provide a short introduction and attendees will vote. We will also entertain floor nominations, so anyone that is interested can present themselves at this meeting.


In the event a homeowner cannot attend this meeting and wants to vote, you can always stipulate a proxy. This can be a neighbor who is attending or a Member of the Board. Proxies must be filed in writing (or by email) with the Secretary (Kay Farrell, 509-750-1153, ketc7@yahoo.com) before the time of the second meeting. All proxies in effect from the first meeting are still in effect due to the adjournment.


Contact HOA Board President Carl Sohn, 509-944-1423, carl.sohn@northwestfcs.com.

HOA Board Candidate Statements

Lance Abernathy

The Cottages of River Run were completed three years ago. To date, no River Run HOA members have sat on the board that live in the Cottages. I would like to become a board member so I could represent this segment of the River Run community in addition to the whole community. River Run is a very desirable residential community with friendly neighbors, nice homes, and great curb appeal with pleasant walkways, a park, and well maintained yards. I want to be a good steward of this residential community and help keep it an attractive and desirable place to live and raise a family.

I am 68 years old, retired in 2015 along with my wife, Janet, and moved to Spokane to be close to family. We live in the what I call the best place to live in Spokane. It’s close to the river with its dirt trails, close to other established trails, minutes from downtown, and is blessed with natural scenic beauty. I want to help maintain River Run for many years to come.

Dale Colen

Retired Computer/network specialist and manufacturing sales engineer with experience with contract review and negotiation. Eight years of HOA board member experience. Resident of River Run Cottages.

Kathy Lang

Hi neighbors! I am Kathy Lang. My husband, Greg, and I live at 1606 North Sand Brook. We have lived in our home for almost three years. We built our home on the last available lot in River Run. Prior to that, we rented one of the townhomes up the hill. All in all, we have been in the neighborhood for about five years and we have loved it from day one. You might know us from our dogs, Charlie and Remi. Two curly-coated Spanish Water Dogs who bark incessantly at passers-by … ugh, we are working on that. I work at The Emily Program, an eating disorder clinic. Spokane is super fortunate to have this clinic in our own backyard. I highly value civic engagement and as such, I volunteer a fair amount of time to the city.

I sit on the city’s Design Review Board (DRB) as a liaison to the Community Assembly. This has introduced me to Spokane’s city administration and to various teams of people who work to move Spokane along as we grow and change. In my role on the DRB, I represent the neighborhoods through communication, guidance, and advocacy. I like that I get to work with neighborhoods from a personal position, listen to their needs, assist in building understanding, and advocate for their position. This suits my personality and aligns well with how I envision an HOA board.

I see an HOA board as a hub of communication, flowing inward and outward, and as the center point of neighborhood involvement and efforts aimed at building community while remaining mindful of the membership’s financial and social investments and responsibilities. We have a wonderful neighborhood, much due to the efforts of current and past board members. I imagine the board’s work is at times long and involved and often goes without nearly enough appreciation. I would like to see some of the board’s work passed to the general membership. Whether that is a matter of instilling a group of folks to tackle communication needs, pulling together a group of neighbors to serve as eyes on their area’s landscaping, or creating a team of folks interested in organizing community activities such as a river clean-up and social gatherings.

For the past few months I have taken the lead on understanding our current pest and weed control approach and have created an avenue to provide spraying details to the neighborhood. I plan to move forward with a group of interested neighbors to continue to evaluate our current approach and to see if there are options that will allow us to ease up on our present chemical use, while still maintaining our neighborhood’s beauty. If l end up on our HOA board, l will offer to serve as the board member to lead this effort, if I am not chosen to sit on the board, I will support the designated board member in this effort. Thank you for your consideration.

National Night Out In River Run

We had a very fun neighborhood night out on August 6!  We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for many of our neighbors and kids and enjoyed the great shared dishes. Kids and adults chipped in to add bark to the play areas and some tree pruning was accomplished. Thanks to all who participated!


Traffic Alert!!! –Intermittent Traffic Control on Fort George Wright

Please note that intermittent traffic control on Fort George Wright Drive has commenced August 8, 2019.

In preparation for the new traffic light signals at the intersection of Fort George Wright Drive and Elliot Drive, the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) will implement intermittent traffic control on Fort George Wright Drive from 9 a.m.  to 3 p.m. starting August 8, 2019 and continuing up to two weeks. The subcontractor will only be closing one lane at a time starting with the east bound lanes.

HOA Board Changes

We have had a change in Board Members. Due to health concerns, Hugh Imhof had to step down. The person who received the next highest votes at our September, 2018 meeting was Tim Murphy. Tim has agreed to step in and fill out the rest of Hugh’s term. Here is your updated Board information: 

  1. President, Carl Sohn, cell: 509-944-1423 (carl.sohn @ northwestfcs.com)
  2. Vice President, Bob Bordonaro, cell: 509- 869-1658 (bobb @ datapronw.com)
  3. Treasurer, Taryn Hutchins, cell: 509-951- 9522 (tarynhutchins @ comcast.net) 
  4. Secretary, Kay Comstock-Farrell, phone: 509-750-1153 (ketc7 @ yahoo.com) 
  5. At large, Tim Murphy, cell: 509-990-3549 (tmurp43 @ comcast.net) 
  6. At large, Dan Arch, cell: 509-869-6687 (d_arch @ hotmail.com)

Save the Date—Annual Meeting—Sept. 10

The River Run Homeowner’s Association annual meeting is set for September 10. It will be held in the Multipurpose Room at Life Center Church from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Most importantly, we will be electing two Board members. If anyone is interested in running for a Board position, please call one of the Board members above. This is an unpaid, volunteer commitment to a three-year term. Many of the current members have done more than one term. It is healthy for the Board to have new voices. Please consider becoming a Board member! 

Save the Date—Neighborhood Summer Get-together—Aug. 6 (National Night Out)

We have set a date for an informal BBQ and large park spruce-up party. This date also coincides with the National Night Out. 

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances. 

Date: August 6

  • Time: 5:30-8 p.m.
  • Location: The “Big” Park
  • Food: Burgers, Hot Dogs, basic fixins provided by the HOA. 
  • Feel free to bring a dish to share!
  • Tools and Equipment: If you would like to help with some light park improvement, bring your wheelbarrow, gloves, shovel, nippers, or saw. 

Kids are welcome and encouraged! Feel free to stop by for a burger and catch up with your neighbors even if you don’t plan to work on projects. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have questions or if you would like to help with the BBQ, contact Kay Comstock at ketc7 @ yahoo.com

Architectural Committee

The CC&R Compliance and Architectural Committee consists of Dan Arch, Stephanie Klein, Kaye Dingfield and Tim Murphy. The Board voted to expand the committee to five members, so we need volunteers willing to serve on this Committee. These positions are non-elected and there is no set length that you must serve. 

All architectural and CC&R questions/ requests should be directed to Dan Arch. Any outside construction (patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, etc.) must have plans submitted and approved before construction begins. 

We have seen several homes being repainted and the Architectural Committee requests that any house or trim colors differing from the originals be approved beforehand as outlined in the CC&R’s. (Warm earth tones, only.) 

Reminder: Park Usage

We have done some checking regarding HOA liability regarding organized sports activities in our parks. All organized activities must be approved in advance to satisfy our insurance requirements. Please contact Bob Bordonaro and allow plenty of time prior to the first event