Welcome To River Run

Welcome To River Run

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Conveniently located approximately three miles west of downtown Spokane, River Run is a premier residential community.

Residents enjoy river views, a close proximity to downtown Spokane, convenient access north or south, and easy access to Spokane International Airport and Interstate I-90. Enjoy the many common areas, paved trail system and tree lined entrances.

River Run is located in the Hutton Elementary, Sacajawea Middle and Lewis & Clark High School districts.  Spokane Falls Community College is an easy walk. The development features quality builders for your home building experience.

Directions: From I-90:

Exit I-90 using the Maple Street exit when traveling east or west.  Then travel north on Maple Street, turn left on to Second Avenue and continue west to Sunset Blvd (go past the Rosauers store and and bear right — DO NOT take the underpass).  Right on Goverment Way at the stop light, and travel about one and a half miles, pass the cemetaries, and turn right into development (just prior to W. Fort George Wright Drive). This is part of the Bloomsday route.

Nearby landmarks:  Spokane Falls Community College and Life Center Church.



We ask that all residents of the development submit their e mail addresses to the address included in each of the River Run Ramblings newsletters or use the registration information located on this page.   Suggestions, additional River Run information, and feedback is welcome from all residents in River Run.

Christmas Lights at River Run

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A White Christmas Snowman

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What other task is more appropriate on a snowy Christmas day?  Making a snowman!!

Fall Election Results

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RamblingsAt the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting on September 6, we elected a new board member, Kay Comstock-Farrell, and Bob Bordonaro was re-elected for a new three-year term. Congratulations Kay and Bob! Dan Maguire has moved on to other volunteer opportunities and we thank him for his efforts on behalf of River Run HOA.

The Board and Officer positions are listed below:

At large, Dan Arch, cell: 509-869-6687

  • Vice President, Bob Bordonaro, cell: 509-869-1658
  • Treasurer, Taryn Hutchins, home: 509-747-8303, cell: 951-9522
  • Secretary, Kay Comstock-Farrell, home: 509-747-1047
  • At large, Tim Murphy, cell: 509-990-3549
  • President, Mark Nonnenmacher, cell: 509-953-0181

The CC&R Compliance and Architectural Committee consists of Dan Arch, Ed Murphy, Tim Murphy and Stephanie Klein, who replaces Dan Maguire. All architectural and CC&R questions/requests should be directed to Tim Murphy.

Note: We have seen several homes being repainted this year and the Architectural Committee requests that any house or trim colors differing from the originals be approved beforehand as outlined in the CC&R’s. Thanks!

General questions/problems should be directed to Bob Bordonaro. If necessary, Bob will enlist current Board members to handle these situations. Other Board members who receive inquiries will forward them to Bob with the goal of informing you how the request is being dealt with. We will do our best to address each issue in a timely manner, but there may be times that we cannot address a question until the next Board meeting.

To reference information presented at the fall 2016 meeting, please refer to the PowerPoint Presentation located on the River Run website.

You can click on the link for the presentation and the file will open in your Internet browser.

Please let us know how we can serve you best.

2017 Dues Will Increase Starting January 1st

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RamblingsYour HOA Board works diligently to manage expenses within reason. Recently River Run had some unexpected repairs and expenses preventing us from building a reasonable reserve. These events are occurring more often and we feel it is prudent to implement a small increase in dues for the following reasons:

  • The large park had a main irrigation pipe fail, resulting in a $4,800 repair.
  • Our expected year-end reserve of just under $10,000 is not sufficient for unexpected costs.
  • We budgeted $5,000 as a small reserve for potential legal issues.
  • The City billed $700 for previously unbilled water use from a broken water meter.

The dues will increase from $475 to $525 for homes in River Run and from $285 to $315 for the Cottages at River Run.

Approval Required for Organized Park Activities

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RamblingsLast summer, we had questions about organized sports activities in our large park. We have done some checking regarding HOA liability in this area. All organized activities must be approved in advance to satisfy our insurance requirements. Please contact Bob Bordonaro and allow plenty of time prior to the first event.

Neighborhood Traffic Issues Continued to Be Addressed

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RamblingsSeveral neighbors have expressed concern about speeding in the River Run neighborhood and disregard for traffic rules. Some of your neighbors have been involved in a “Traffic Calming Study” with the City of Spokane for our neighborhood. Grant money through the West Hills Neighborhood Council is available for this, but it will be a long process. In the meantime, please observe traffic laws already in place: the speed limit is 25 unless otherwise marked, all intersections in River Run are “uncontrolled” and when a school bus is loading and unloading, you must stop.

John Meekhof presented updated information at the fall meeting and his notes can be found on the fall meeting PowerPoint presentation as well.

Information on Landscaping Discount

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RamblingsGreenleaf has always provided River Run Residents with a 5% discount on mowing, irrigation and lawn application services. Their contact number is: 509-536-2885.

River Run Website Updated and Reorganized

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RamblingsOur Webmaster has made some significant improvements to our website. Please check it out! And, while you are there, take the time to register by using this link.

Yes, we also have Facebook and Twitter accounts:

Twitter: River Run HOA @RiverRunSpokane

Strong Reminder Regarding Basketball Hoops

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RamblingsBasketball hoops left on city streets are an enumerated violation of Spokane Municipal Code, Section 12.02.0737, “Obstruction of Public Right of Way.” Basketball hoops are not allowed on City streets at any time. Note that this is not a violation of River Run CC&R’s.  A complaint to the City may be filed anonymously.

The City may cause the removal or destruction of such obstruction of the public way by notice of violation and may issue a civil infraction or bill for reimbursement of costs incurred.

For more information, here are links to the appropriate section in the SMC and a very informative Neighborhood FAQ

There are several hoops on the streets in our neighborhood. Please be conscious of the infraction and your neighbors’ opinions and safey. At the very least, hoops on the street are dangerous for drivers and snow plows. One of your neighbors almost hit one with his car recently. The homeowner is liable for any incident involving street obstructions.

The common-questions link has links to complaint forms for each violation.

If you have any other questions, please contact Bob Bordonaro @ 509-869-1658.

Thank You Goes Out For Participants in Spring Fling

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RamblingsWe had a neighborhood gathering last May that was very fun and very productive. Thanks to everyone that showed up to help and/or eat hot dogs! We will do another one this spring.